Quench your thirst with these non-alcoholic cocktails all made using our punchy and luscious drink Ginger Zing. Created for those who love the sharpness of ginger and and are seeking drink recipes that are natural and alcohol free. These are quick to make whether for a night in for 1 or for family and friends.

*All drinks listed are 1 serving

*Where you see (C/H) next to the cocktail title this means that the drink can be served hot or cold. Simply heat the Ginger Zing and fruit juice prior to adding to the drink.

60ml Ginger Zing, 30ml Grapefruit Juice, 30ml Cucumber Juice

50ml Ginger Zing, 30ml Passion Fruit Juice 10ml Lemon Juice

60ml Ginger Zing, 40ml Grape Juice, 10ml Lime Juice

50ml Ginger Zing, 60ml Cola

50ml Ginger Zing, 30ml Carrot Juice, 5ml Chilli Syrup