These alcohol-free drinks contain 3 ingredients or less and are super easy and quick to make. Great to have with family over dinner or to serve teetotal guests.

*All drinks listed are 1 serving

*Where you see (C/H) next to the cocktail title this means that the drink can be served hot or cold. Simply heat the Sorrel Spice and juice listed in the recipe prior to adding to the drink.


75ml Sorrel Spice, 30ml Cranberry Juice

100ml Sorrel Spice, 50ml Sprite

75ml Sorrel Spice, 30ml Orange Juice, 1 Mint Sprig

50ml Sorrel Spice, 50ml Ginger Zing, 15ml Rose Water

80ml Sorrel Spice, 25ml Strawberry Juice, 15ml Raspberry Juice