Sorrel Spice

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  • *Refrigerate once received*
  • Hand-made with 100% real & natural ingredients
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians 
  • No artificial sugars, preservatives, flavours or colours

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To simply describe this drink as rich and refreshing would be an understatement. It’s partially sweet and balanced by an aromatic and slightly tart undertone. It’s smooth and velvety and you’ll feel warm from within due the addition of natural spices. Sorrel Spice was made to make you feel good!

Made by steeping hibiscus petals, it is reminiscent of a mulled wine (minus the the alcohol). Sorrel Spice can be consumed hot or cold  smply heat 150ml n a pan over a medum heat for 90 seconds. You can also use it a mixer. See our non-alcoholic and alcoholic recipes.

Sorrel is the British Caribbean name for hibiscus. It’s also known as Zobo, Karkade, Roselle and Bissap to name a few. It’s a drink that unites people and brings happiness. You can click here to read more about more Sorrel – its origin, uses, benefits and how important it is in various cultures around the world!


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Ingredients & Nutritional Info

Ingredients: Water, demerara sugar, sorrel (hibiscus) 3%, lime, ginger, botanical extracts

Nutritional Info (Per 100ml): Energy 181 kJ/43 kcal

Fat                                      0.1g
of which saturates             0.0g
Carbohydrate                     10.7g
of which sugars                  10.6g
Protein                                   0.1g
Salt                                        0.01g
Fibre                                      0.2g

Keep refrigerated. Once opened consume within 10 days.


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