Jerk – the spicy, hot seasoning that Jamaican cuisine is known for. Made from pimento, scallions, scotch bonnet peppers, thyme and other herbs and spices it’s no wonder that a spoonful could add so much flavour to a dish. Combine our Zesty Tamarind Cordial with some ready made jerk sauce and the result is a sauce that’s thick, peppery, with sweet and sour hints and ready within minutes. You should find jerk sauce in your local supermarket or Afro-Caribbean grocers (Walkerswood is a good brand).

  1. Mix our cordial with jerk sauce until you get a consistent paste. (To make a marinade, add the soy sauce or salt and mix again)
  2. Use as a dip or marinade

Chicken – Marinate chicken wings or breasts for a minimum or 4 hours. Pan fry or cook in oven.

Bread – Use as a dipping sauce for plain bread.

Meatballs – Add to meat balls and pasta. Tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and onions are a few vegetables that can be added to this dish as they taste great with tamarind jerk sauce.

Fish – This sauce compliments salmon and white fish like cod. Marinate for 30 mins or heat up slightly in a pan and pour over.

Tofu – A dish that’s both vegan friendly and delicious. Use sauce to coat tofu and then pan fry.