So how do you take a homemade recipe and make it commercial?

As you may know Carisips started off in a home kitchen in South London – mixing ingredients by hand, capping every bottle by hand, applying every label by hand and selling our products at various food markets. We needed to validate the idea to see if it was worth pursuing and you all confirmed that it was!

Manufacturing at home is inefficient and time consuming and for the direction where we want to take our business, it wasn’t sustainable as it limited growth. So from April to August our recipes were in development to turn our homemade recipes into commercial ones, meaning whether we make 100 or 10,000 bottles the taste is consistent.

The process can be daunting mainly because you ask yourself will the quality and taste be compromised. To limit this the best we could we further developed our drinks in the kitchen using commercial ingredients to see how they may taste once finished and they tasted great which gave us more confidence. Our drinks went through many iterations – Sorrel Spice, 14; Ginger Zing,14 and Zesty Tamarind, 16.

The brief was very specific – details on what kind of ingredients could be used, how the product should taste, smell, look and the mouthfeel. Doing this during a pandemic also meant that we faced supply issues with the time it took for the lab to receive some of the ingredients. Also, not all concentrates and extracts are made equally, the same flavour from 2 different manufacturers could vary largely in taste.

Drinks development is real science its not just about the ingredients but how they are blended. A method is defined and the ingredients have to blended in that order otherwise the taste changes.

So after 4 months, drinks development completed our Carisips ready to drink range will launch in early 2022 with new and improved recipes for you all to enjoy!

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