Make these strong and flavourful cocktails using our Sorrel Spice drink. Made from hibiscus flowers, we have paired it with ingredients that are punchy, floral, spiced and sweet which help to bring out its rich taste.

*All cocktails listed are 1 serving.

*Where you see (C/H) next to the cocktail title this means that the drink can be served hot or cold. Simply heat the Sorrel Spice  prior to adding to the drink.

50ml Sorrel Spice, 25ml Ginger Wine, 30ml White Overproof Rum

50ml Sorrel Spice, 30ml Gin, 7.5ml Orange Syrup

60ml Sorrel Spice, 10ml Cherry Syrup, 30ml Vodka

75ml Sorrel Spice, 50ml Peach Schapps, 5ml Lime Juice

60ml Sorrel Spice, 40ml Red Label Wine