ASH Culinaria x Anthony Cumberbatch held an event at Rudie’s in Camden last Friday.

The event, TIMELESS TASTES: Savouring Jamaican history, explored Jamaica’s motto, Out of Many One People. Attendees got to experience the land of wood and water through rich modern dishes and delectable drinks whilst being educated, by Winnie founder of ASH Culinaria, on all the different ethnic groups that make Jamaica’s rich culture.

Oxtail croquettes, cod loin, ackee tarts and a twist on a classic creme brulee, created by Michelin trained chef Anthony Cumberbatch, filled guests with joy as they conversed with loved ones and new acquaintances.

The beautiful dinner closed with a DIGESTIF: THE BITTER (after) TASTE – a shot inspired by a Marcus Garvey quote and the classic B52 shot. The concoction had two layers – the bottom half contained Carisips Zesty Tamarind, Tia Maria and West African Bitters; the top – Bailey’s and Honey Rum. The journey: it starts off creamy, rich and sweet then through to slightly bitter and it ends with a subtle tang.

Winnie of ASH Culinaria stated “Carisips Zesty Tamarind greatly empowered THE BITTER (after) TASTE both with bold flavour and provenance of West Africa where tamarind is indigenous and South Asia where it is an integral ingredient in subcontinental cuisines. Zesty Tamarind enhanced my layering of history by underscoring the Africa genealogy within Jamaicans and infusing the story of the South Asian indentured labourers who migrated to work on Jamaican plantations after the enslaved were emancipated.”

Marcus Garvey – A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

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