Carisips  |  Ka-re-sips

Fusing The World Through Flavour

Rich and delicious flavours that will invoke a sense of nostalgia or give you the thrill of a new experience.

Our drinks bring joyful memories of childhood, holidays and good times with friends & family. Flavours renowned worldwide where they represent culture, history, community and health

Enjoy in 3 delicious flavours:

Hibiscus Punch (Rich & Fruity)

Zesty Tamarind (Tangy & Luscious)

Ginger Zing (Sharp & Smooth)

Enjoy hot, cold or as a mixer!


To be a global leading soft drinks brand that puts customer relations, high quality products and philanthropy first.


We aim to support local people within Croydon (and neighbouring boroughs) through mentoring, work experience and employment. This will be achieved by working with key partners such as the council and educational institutions.

We understand the issues that overlooked groups face when it comes to entering the world of work and progressing in one’s career – and we aim to change the status quo and create a more equitable society.