Drinks have the power to connect friends, family and strangers alike”

Carisips was founded a food blogger who spent 18 months exploring different cuisines, particularly that of the Caribbean.

During this venture she noticed that certain food and drink were popular amongst other cultures ie African, Australian, Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern. She found it heart-warming that many of us share the same elements of our culture and through this we are more alike than different.

The discovery of these sensational, enticing and tropical flavours, prompted her to make some of the beverages that she came across. These were given to friends, family and colleagues where the response was mainly positive.

Furthermore, she felt that the beverage industry was yearning for something new. Something rich and intriguing. Something natural and delicious.

Each bottle of Carisips is full of flavour and history. One sip will either bring back happy memories or introduce you to new flavours and new cultures!