This Tamarind BBQ sauce is a combination of smoky, zesty, savoury and sweet and will be sure to elevate the flavour of your food. It’s a quick recipe, only using two ingredients, and takes minutes to make.

  1. Mix our Zesty Tamarind Cordial with bbq sauce with a ratio of 1:1
  2. Use to put over food or as a dipping sauce. See our serving suggestions below.
  • Fried Okra – Slice up some okra, coat them in egg white, then dip them in cornmeal mixed with a little bit of salt, paprika and cinnamon. Heat up olive oil in a pan, once hot, fry the okra for 6-8 mins until a golden brown colour and use this tamarind bbq sauce as a dip. Delish!
  • Chicken – Use as a dip for fried chicken or grilled. You can also use t to add a twist to your Sunday roast.
  • Pork – The smoky flavour of this sauce makes it great for pairing with pork, whether it be pork belly, ribs or chops
  • Potatoes  – Can be used with white or sweet potato whether roasted or chips.
  • Vegetable Sticks – Celery and carrots are great vegetables to eat with this sauce.
  • Hot dogs – Can be used alone for hot dogs or with ketchup and/or mustard. Get experimenting!