Do your drinks contain sugar?

Yes. All our drinks contain demerara sugar except from Black Grape which doesn’t contain any added sugar.

Is there alcohol?

No. All our drinks are alcohol free.

Are these energy drinks?

No, Carisips is not positioned as an energy drink, although ingredients such as lemon, demerara sugar and ginger, are known to give a natural energy

Is Carisips healthy?

Legally we cannot make any health claims, but all our drinks contain natural ingredients that are known to contain health benefits. Please see link
for ingredients. Learn more

What is demerara sugar?

Demerara sugar is a form of cane sugar that is minimally processed. It has large golden brown crystals due to the presence of molasses.

Are there any artificial sweeteners?

No, our drinks do not contain any sweeteners, natural or artificial. We use demerara sugar to sweeten all our drinks except from Black Grape which doesn’t have any added sugar.

Are they carbonated?

No. There is no carbon dioxide added to our drinks.

Where are they manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in London, United Kingdom.

What are natural flavours/flavouring?

We use a mix of natural fruit and spice flavorings in all our drinks.
They are our trade secret.

Do these drinks have any allergens?

Black Grape is the only drink that contains 1 of the 14 allergens. It
contains sulphites/sulphur dioxide.

Why cans?

Aluminum cans are one of the best types of sustainable packaging. They are infinitely recyclable and lightweight, which means they are easy to transport.