A flowering plant that produces a deep red calyx from which we use in our drinks. GM free, known for digestive and antioxidant properties and ethically sourced from Nigeria. Also known as sorrel, zobo, roselle, wonjo, bissap, karkade and agua de jamaica to name a few.

Ginger Juice

An organic juice, with a spicy flavour and aroma, extracted from Peruvian ginger root. All natural so contains some sediment. Ginger is known to help with indigestion and nausea.

Red Grape Juice Concentrate

A pure and natural liquid extracted from European red grapes. Naturally sweet in flavour and contains flavonoids that are known to have antiviral, antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Black Carrot Concentrate

A variety of carrot native to the Middle East that has a dark purple colour that appears black. Known to contain antioxidants. Contains a tiny amount of citric acid for stability.

Lemon Juice Concentrate

Lemons are a source of vitamin C and have antibacterial properties. Our lemon concentrate is made from lemons grown in Spain and Argentina. Once the lemons are harvested, they are sent to manufacturing facilities with modern technology for processing and packaging, to maintain the properties of the fruit.

Demerara Sugar

A minimally processed sugar, made by evaporating sugar cane juice. It has large golden crystals due to the presence of molasses which also gives it a subtle toffee and caramel flavour.

Natural Flavourings

We use a range of quality fruit and spice natural flavorings in all our drinks. They are alcohol-free, vegan friendly and our trade secret.